The World of Rugs is HUGE! Flooring coverings come in so many different forms and rugs are a very versatile option. There are a huge variety of options when considering material, texture, size, patterns and budget. Rugs give you the opportunity to introduce colour and pattern into a space but it is also very important to remember the functional purpose of the rug too. There are the more obvious benefits of comfort and warmth but they also provide good sound deadening properties and help to zone or define spaces.

Rugs give you the opportunity to make a bold statement within a space that can be taken away with you when you move on. It is also worth remembering that rugs don’t only have to sit on the floor. It can be very effective to hang rugs on the wall in the same way as more traditional artwork. There is also no reason why they could also not go on the ceiling!

Below are a selection of inspirational ways to use rugs plus my pick of rugs on the market from retailers such as Graham and GreenJohn LewisRockett St George and West Elm. For more ideas please check my Pinterest board and I hope you enjoy exploring the World of Rugs!