White is often the perfect colour to show off texture and materials to their absolute best. I think lots of people associate white with stark minimalist interiors and this is often the case. However, for me a white backdrop can be the perfect way to celebrate natural materials and the simplicity of form.

Sometimes a white background, whether it be for a website, framing artwork or an interior, is the absolute best way to draw the attention to where it is most needed. With a white interior, the slightest injection of another colour or accent material will really stand out. One of my favourite websites at the moment is the Hiut Denim site which seems to have nailed the simple clean look really well.

Below are a selection of images that I love and will hopefully be of interest to you. As usual I have my Pinterest board which includes all the images below plus a few more. I have tried to credit all the images wherever possible and all links can be found via the Pinterest board.