The pick of Pinterest. I spend a great deal of my time both in work and at home working with images from Pinterest and I continue to be impressed at what a great resource it is. If I need any ideas or inspiration then it is nearly always my first port of call. My Pinterest boards are a personal collection of inspiration that I refer to more and more. I am a bit shocked when I realise that I am nearly 2000 pins already and rising fast.
Over the last 6 months my Pinterest boards have seen the views rapidly increase and its a great feeling to think others like my collections of image, materials and colours. If I connect with a new supplier or start following a new source of inspiration then I always try to follow them on Pinterest. It is also a fantastic tool to share new ideas with clients and exchange ideas about new projects.
I thought it would be a useful exercise to share some of my favourite pins from the last few months… It really is a window into what I like right now and where my thought process is at.
I hope you find some pins that you like and feel like sharing, just have I done. So here are my more recent Pinterest picks.
All my boards are here.

I have done my very best to name the source for each of the images that I have pinned.