Light Up.

Lighting has always been a passion of mine, I think it’s the mix of function and design so it was time to do a “light up” post!  The science behind a good lighting scheme will always be there and is hard to argue with however whats catching my eye at the moment is industrial style lighting. It was probably born out of the increased interest of mixing old with new that has led to there being so many industrial style lighting products on the market.

Its now very possible to build your own bespoke light where you select the colour of the cable, lighting fitting and shade by visiting Nook, Rocket St George, or Nuvarti to name just a few. The range of lights with an old or industrial feel is very strong and I have picked out a few below that I am drawn too plus a couple of stunning light bulbs that look great on their own.

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The Rebel Walls New Collection.

It is a real honour when somebody asks you to give an opinion on a new product or range and this is exactly what happened with the guys from Rebel Walls. I have been aware of Irene and Christofer and their company Rebel Walls for a few months having seen their Frontage wall mural installed on a recent project with great success. The mural elevated the space to something much stronger once it was installed. The new Greenhouse Collection is their latest offering and I was very interested to see what was in the new collection and how I might be able to use it on future projects. This new collection is inspired by the “power and diversity of nature” and I have to say that there are some fantastic wall murals to choose from. The use of bold graphic designs instantly can make a statement and create a point of interest in a residential or commercial setting.

I am personally drawn to a mix of natural and manmade materials and found there were some designs within the Greenhouse Collection that caught my eye and which I wanted to highlight. Below you will find my favourites from the collection but I would recommend that you check out their 3 ranges as I am sure there is something for most people. The website is full of inspiration plus there is a handy section on how to hang a wall mural on the Rebel Walls website here

Have fun exploring the world of wall murals!





Rotting Car.

I have managed to walk past this old rotting car for over 12 years and have never really noticed it at all. Today, I was finally able to look over it properly and grab a brief 5 minutes to photograph it. How much longer it will be there for before it completely rots away or is moved on is anybody guess. But I am really pleased that I managed to get a few pictures before the opportunity is gone. The amount of character and texture both inside and out is amazing and I just hope these pictures get some of that across. There can be real beauty in decay and hopefully this rotting car shows that in some way.

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Clock This.

Clock this! Here is a quick list of 10 clocks that I think look good …..

Click on each image to find out where to get the each clock from.








Home Office.

We are starting to think about doing some work on the home office and I always love thinking about this type of room and how it should look. There are the obvious considerations of function, storage needs, flow, lighting etc  but beyond that, I am excited about mixing old and new together. Simplicity and function are the main considerations for our office and this suits me fine! Being able to work in a space that is full of tactile finishes and furniture that is robust and functional is the goal.

There are some fantastic new and old desks to be found at retailers such as Really Well MadeRetrouvius and BoConcept. To me the key will be mixing a new desk with a vintage chair, or finding a stunning old Anglepoise light to sit on a modern sleek surface. There are also some lovely home office accessories and wall display solutions that you would only really ever find in the office enviroment. If we can finish with a desk that has a view out to the garden and a peg board and chalk board on the wall then I will be a happy man!

One practical tip I would offer is remember to get you’re lighting correct around any computer screen. Try to have a light source close to the screen creating a lighting “bubble” that softens the glow and harshness of the screen. If you have a long day in front of your screen then this will help to ease the work your eyes do.

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The IKEA Catalogue….a sign of the times.

The IKEA catalogue arrived over the weekend through my letterbox and its always something that I look forward to seeing along with a great deal of other people. I must confess that the layout and style direction of the front cover of the IKEA catalogue is always my first thought before flicking through the whole catalogue. I tend to keep back issues of each year as they provide a great snap shot of that years style direction. I can remember from years and years ago being so excited to see how the new Habitat catalogue would feel and look. This got me thinking about the last few years and had me searching through the office and on-line for the previous few years of IKEA front pages.

Its quite amazing how each year has such a different feel and direction but also how dated covers from 4 or 5 years can look, while others have stayed much more current. The use of colour, layout and products always grabs my attention and gets me thinking but I always am drawn more to the covers that give the strongest Swedish feel.

For me, the IKEA catalogue is a sign of the times

OSB Board.

OSB board or orientated strand board is just a fantastic material to know about and use. It is an engineered wood particle board formed by adding adhesives and then compressing layers of wood strands (flakes) in specific orientations. Not only does it look great, its low cost, durable and can be used both inside and out. It is also a timber board that is available to everyone really easily and can be left untreated, varnished, stained or painted. A quick trip down to B&Q is all you need to do to start the process of how to use OSB boards off.

I have used OSB board in my own projects more recently and have seen it used to great effect in both commercial and residential settings. The Stealth Barn shows OSB used to its best in my opinion.

It can be used as a wall, floor or ceiling finish, as a kitchen or bathroom material, or to make bespoke furniture. The uses for OSB board seem to be only limited by your own imagination. I used OSB in our family beach hut and it has proved to be cost effective, robust and easy on the eye.

Below you will find a few ideas for uses that have caught my eye and will hopefully help you. It is maybe also worth checking my Pinterest board or searching Houzz for the never ending uses of OSB.



Stools and Benches

My obsession with all things seating continues hence Stools and Benches today on the blog.
I have always loved chairs and could easily have a house full of chairs but now I also find myself looking at different stools and benches. You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to get something that looks fantastic. My selection here range from £60 to over £600.
I am drawn to a variety of designs, materials and finishes plus the idea that benches and stools are usually a good space saving idea, value for money and can serve as side tables too. There is a vast choice in either the vintage or new markets for both indoors and outdoors.

If you are looking for retailers to check out then maybe consider UntothislastIkeaReally Well MadeBoConceptJennifer Newman or Retrouvius. More pictures are available on my Pinterest page.

Here are a few stools and benches that have caught my eye.



Black Kitchen Please.

This post is all about what I want in the future but hopefully not too far in the future!
Some while ago somebody told me that it would be wrong to have a black on black kitchen and this stuck in my mind for some strange reason. I then returned to this in my head while doing some kitchen research and started pulling up ideas to prove them wrong! Once somebody tells me something is wrong or can’t be done then it makes me want to do it!
It became apparent very quickly that an all black kitchen is very much possible and something that we would love in our own home.  As with most projects, it comes down to a careful selection of materials and finishes.

I have found plenty of ideas saved for when our kitchen finally gets done again and wanted to share them. A quick bit of research showed that the usual outlets such as Ikea, Howdens and Wren all sell very affordable black kitchens, its just a case of being brave.

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Some Flooring Ideas.

The choices that are available when you come to select flooring for a project are huge and varied which can lead to some amazing finishes. The use of different materials, both new and reclaimed, mean that so many things are possible today making flooring more exciting than ever.

I can remember using rubber flooring from Dalsouple many years ago and being so excited at the possibility of picking any colour I wanted. Now there are so many options when it comes to paint, cork, concrete, leather, wood, rubber, carpet etc that the choice can seem overwhelming. By doing a quick bit of research about flooring I quickly came up with some ideas that might be useful to you. For example, you can see how far the humble carpet has come through sites like Dash and Albert .

Today its possible to have stunning flooring that considers the environment and budget. Remember to check out your local reclamation yard too and although we may not all live close to Lassco’s you might find some hidden gems in your local yard!

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