Black Ideas

I think the title says it all … black ideas. Over the last 12 to 18 months we have all seen how black has been used as a colour both inside and outside the home with much more frequency. No longer is black seen as a sombre colour to be used sparingly but rather as a colour perfect for adding drama and contrast to a space. Black ideas work in contemporary and more traditional spaces both in the interior and on the exterior of buildings. It can also be a great colour to use in commercial spaces and for branding.

The high street is now well stocked with black homeware products making it much easier to use as little or as much of the colour as you want. It is now easy to go and purchase black bed linen, find a black feature light, use black tiles or design yourself a black kitchen.

Here are a selection of images which I hope inspire you to look into using black as a colour or at least make you think about it! There are a few products included but mainly inspiration images and ideas. I would also check out Rockett St George, Bodie and Fou, Buster + Punch, Bert and May plus my own Pinterest board for a few more black ideas.



This time its all about the colour brown on the blog. I think I am drawn to the colour due to its association with metal, cardboard and wood. It can provide an excellent accent or base colour for an interior scheme. Perhaps, as we start to approach winter, there is also the connection with the brown colours of winter. Whether you are looking to use brown pieces of furniture or work with brown finishes, the choices are huge.

Below you can find some images that I love which hopefully provide lots of brown inspiration. These kind of images usually provide me with the ideas that form the basis of a new scheme. Hopefully they inspire you too! For a more comprehensive collection of images, you can also check out my Pinterest board here.


This time its all about orange. I wanted to post up a piece which showed some inspirational images focussing on orange. We used to have an old BMW 2002 in orange which is still my favourite car of all time, and perhaps this is where this post has come from in my head. I am especially drawn to how well orange works as a colour when used with black, grey and dark brown.

I have collected all the images which I like on to my Pinterest board here and as usual there is a broad mix of images and products for you to look over. Below you can see some images using orange which include a few key products I really like.

Tenby 2015

We had the pleasure of visiting Tenby last week and as usual I took my camera with me. My passion for the Great British seaside is very strong and we were not disappointed with the beauty we found in Tenby.

This was our first visit to Wales and we especially wanted to explore the Pembrokeshire coastline and Tenby was the perfect base to do this from. The town was full of seaside charm and the coastline was something else. A morning run along the beach following the coastal path was the perfect way to start each day. There are miles and miles of flat beaches with flat sand ready to walk or run along.

Below are just a few pictures that I took while we were in Tenby for the week. There was a great mix of colour and texture plus amazing views wherever you looked. We were also able to find a house that was featured on Grand Designs in 2011 and which had stuck in our memories due to it’s stunning location. If you are after a relaxing break away from it all then perhaps you will consider Tenby.


Doors…As simple as that!

Doors….I was trying to think about what text to put with this post but could not think of much to say! All I can say is that here are a selection of stunning doors, whether they be old or new, interior or exterior or upcycled that grab my attention because I love them. They are an obvious design statement for the front of your home or room so choose carefully but also think of other uses for the old ones you no longer want. Some old doors are simply dripping with character and personality but new doors can also provide personality in a totally different way.

Which is your favourite …. ?

More lovely doors can be seen here


We had a lovely day in Brighton and I took my camera with me. Although my pictures are not anything special I picked out 12 that summed up our day out and caught my eye. There is so much inspiration everywhere you look in Brighton and these are the pictures that survived the cut!

We found a place to eat, called The New Club which served tasty food, looked amazing and had sea views…. Kind of perfect really. There was also some time to stroll the Lanes and discover shops that we knew nothing about and revisit some old favourites. I found myself snapping small details of materials, products or textures that perhaps one day I will use on future projects.

The day finished by popping round to Oliver Heath’s house for a tour of his eco home and then a chat and nice coffee afterwards. He was engaging, interesting and generous with his time….Thanks Oliver!

Needless to say, I would suggest that Brighton is worth a visit sometime soon

Rotting Car.

I have managed to walk past this old rotting car for over 12 years and have never really noticed it at all. Today, I was finally able to look over it properly and grab a brief 5 minutes to photograph it. How much longer it will be there for before it completely rots away or is moved on is anybody guess. But I am really pleased that I managed to get a few pictures before the opportunity is gone. The amount of character and texture both inside and out is amazing and I just hope these pictures get some of that across. There can be real beauty in decay and hopefully this rotting car shows that in some way.

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The IKEA Catalogue….a sign of the times.

The IKEA catalogue arrived over the weekend through my letterbox and its always something that I look forward to seeing along with a great deal of other people. I must confess that the layout and style direction of the front cover of the IKEA catalogue is always my first thought before flicking through the whole catalogue. I tend to keep back issues of each year as they provide a great snap shot of that years style direction. I can remember from years and years ago being so excited to see how the new Habitat catalogue would feel and look. This got me thinking about the last few years and had me searching through the office and on-line for the previous few years of IKEA front pages.

Its quite amazing how each year has such a different feel and direction but also how dated covers from 4 or 5 years can look, while others have stayed much more current. The use of colour, layout and products always grabs my attention and gets me thinking but I always am drawn more to the covers that give the strongest Swedish feel.

For me, the IKEA catalogue is a sign of the times

Genius of Ken Adam.

Whenever I am watching a film or something on television I am always drawn to who the sets are designed and styled. This can be quite an annoying distraction when I should be concentrating on the storyline etc but it did make me do some research years ago into who designed certain Bond sets and found its often the work of the same designer. The name that kept coming up was Mr Ken Adam and it opened my eyes to some truly stunning production design. I quickly realised that some of my most favourite sets had been designed by him. Not only did he produce amazing film sets, he also create wonderful visuals of how he wanted sets to look.

Here are just a few sample images of the work of Ken Adam……

There are a few more nice visuals to see here too involving other production designers and stylists……Production Design

Old hotel just about to be pulled down.

I had the opportunity to grab 10 mins in this amazing old hotel that is not far from where I live. It was a bit naughty to go inside the but the temptation to grab a look was too great. I wish I had loads more time in there to take more pics but it was not to be. If there is any way that I can get back in then I will take way more pics. The views and the character of the building were amazing. Each room was full of surprises and in a state of decay which I found very interesting if not a bit dangerous! From what I can make out, the old hotel just about to be pulled down only stood for a couple more days.

Hope you like my pictures of the old hotel just about to be pulled down!

More of my own pictures can be viewed here.