Buster and Punch

Buster and Punch have just released their Matt Black Edition to the Heavy Metal Pendant range which is well worth a look. I was going to include them in my last post, Black Ideas, but figured these amazing lights deserved a bit more space on the blog. Not only do I love the material and design, I am really drawn to the matt black finish which makes them something different and striking.

Buster and Punch are a London-based interior fashion design label founded 4 years ago in East London by Massimo Minale. They offer a wide range of beautifully designed items for the home, from handles through to light switches. I have always loved the Heavy Metal Pendant but they have taken it to another level by adding this matt black finish. Not only are their products well made, the website shows the items off to their best with some quite amazing photography.

If you are looking for items to add quality, function and beauty to a space, then I would say you can do a lot worse then head over to Buster and Punch for a bit of retail therapy!

12 Work Lights.

Here are 12 work lights that I really love. I enjoy selecting lights and applying the correct light to the different functions within a room. These 12 work lights look amazing but also tick the box as far as providing a good functional task light.

A good desk light should provide flexible directional light and also give ambient light to backlight any screen that may be in use. I guess it’s fairly predictable that one of my choices would be the classic Anglepoise light with a design dating back to the 1930’s. When I look at my other choices its also clear that this iconic design has influenced many of my other selections too. There also seems to be a move towards mixing materials more and I am really drawn to wood as a material for lights. Lighting can also be a great opportunity to add an item with age and character which helps bring more personality to a room.

It feels to me that many stores now stock strong ranges of very affordable lights so I have tried to look outside the usual shops where possible for this selection to hopefully highlight something new for you.


Light Up.

Lighting has always been a passion of mine, I think it’s the mix of function and design so it was time to do a “light up” post!  The science behind a good lighting scheme will always be there and is hard to argue with however whats catching my eye at the moment is industrial style lighting. It was probably born out of the increased interest of mixing old with new that has led to there being so many industrial style lighting products on the market.

Its now very possible to build your own bespoke light where you select the colour of the cable, lighting fitting and shade by visiting Nook, Rocket St George, or Nuvarti to name just a few. The range of lights with an old or industrial feel is very strong and I have picked out a few below that I am drawn too plus a couple of stunning light bulbs that look great on their own.

More light up inspiration can be found on my Pinterest board.