Genius of Ken Adam.

Whenever I am watching a film or something on television I am always drawn to who the sets are designed and styled. This can be quite an annoying distraction when I should be concentrating on the storyline etc but it did make me do some research years ago into who designed certain Bond sets and found its often the work of the same designer. The name that kept coming up was Mr Ken Adam and it opened my eyes to some truly stunning production design. I quickly realised that some of my most favourite sets had been designed by him. Not only did he produce amazing film sets, he also create wonderful visuals of how he wanted sets to look.

Here are just a few sample images of the work of Ken Adam……

There are a few more nice visuals to see here too involving other production designers and stylists……Production Design


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While doing some research for work, I have found that I am more and more drawn to ways of re-using existing materials where possible. There is the obvious benefits of trying to reduce waste and keep costs down but there is also another side to consider.

By injecting objects, furniture and finishes with a history into a space, an extra layer is added. The mix of  brand new alongside something up-cycled or recycled can create something really great with much more personality and conscience. Whether it’s a reclaimed floor, vintage wood, industrial lighting or a clever use of an old material, I  have found loads of ideas that I want to use and hope that you find interesting. Here are a few of the images I have saved and that give me inspiration for future spaces.

Old hotel just about to be pulled down.

I had the opportunity to grab 10 mins in this amazing old hotel that is not far from where I live. It was a bit naughty to go inside the but the temptation to grab a look was too great. I wish I had loads more time in there to take more pics but it was not to be. If there is any way that I can get back in then I will take way more pics. The views and the character of the building were amazing. Each room was full of surprises and in a state of decay which I found very interesting if not a bit dangerous! From what I can make out, the old hotel just about to be pulled down only stood for a couple more days.

Hope you like my pictures of the old hotel just about to be pulled down!

More of my own pictures can be viewed here.


2002 BMW will always be my dream car

This is for me the perfect motor! I have no interest in performance, just looks!