Stools and Benches

My obsession with all things seating continues hence Stools and Benches today on the blog.
I have always loved chairs and could easily have a house full of chairs but now I also find myself looking at different stools and benches. You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to get something that looks fantastic. My selection here range from £60 to over £600.
I am drawn to a variety of designs, materials and finishes plus the idea that benches and stools are usually a good space saving idea, value for money and can serve as side tables too. There is a vast choice in either the vintage or new markets for both indoors and outdoors.

If you are looking for retailers to check out then maybe consider UntothislastIkeaReally Well MadeBoConceptJennifer Newman or Retrouvius. More pictures are available on my Pinterest page.

Here are a few stools and benches that have caught my eye.



Black Kitchen Please.

This post is all about what I want in the future but hopefully not too far in the future!
Some while ago somebody told me that it would be wrong to have a black on black kitchen and this stuck in my mind for some strange reason. I then returned to this in my head while doing some kitchen research and started pulling up ideas to prove them wrong! Once somebody tells me something is wrong or can’t be done then it makes me want to do it!
It became apparent very quickly that an all black kitchen is very much possible and something that we would love in our own home.  As with most projects, it comes down to a careful selection of materials and finishes.

I have found plenty of ideas saved for when our kitchen finally gets done again and wanted to share them. A quick bit of research showed that the usual outlets such as Ikea, Howdens and Wren all sell very affordable black kitchens, its just a case of being brave.

Please check my Pinterest, 4Homes or Houzz  for more inspiration if you like what you see….


My Love of Coffee Shops.

My love of coffee shops has been going a long time now! My perfect weekend usually involves drinking coffee with my family in surroundings that are well designed. For quite sometime, my ideal design job has been to work on a coffee shop interior and hopefully this will happen sometime soon. Creating an environment that is warm and welcoming but also full of personality and style seems to be the key. It also seems the perfect opportunity to work with some recycled materials and up-cycle existing pieces. We have our favourite spots to go to locally and it always has to be a combination of great coffee, cake and an inspiring interior. We always look for places where every member of the family feels happy to visit and is warmly welcomed through the door. If you are ever in the Dorset area then let me know and I can let you know where we like to go as there are some amazing local places like South Coast Roast and Coast to check out. Here are a few interiors that I think look stunning and perhaps give you some idea of how my own fictional coffee shop might look.You can also check out my coffee shop pins.


Genius of Ken Adam.

Whenever I am watching a film or something on television I am always drawn to who the sets are designed and styled. This can be quite an annoying distraction when I should be concentrating on the storyline etc but it did make me do some research years ago into who designed certain Bond sets and found its often the work of the same designer. The name that kept coming up was Mr Ken Adam and it opened my eyes to some truly stunning production design. I quickly realised that some of my most favourite sets had been designed by him. Not only did he produce amazing film sets, he also create wonderful visuals of how he wanted sets to look.

Here are just a few sample images of the work of Ken Adam……

There are a few more nice visuals to see here too involving other production designers and stylists……Production Design

2002 BMW will always be my dream car

This is for me the perfect motor! I have no interest in performance, just looks!