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Pinterest Picks

The pick of Pinterest. I spend a great deal of my time both in work and at home working with images from Pinterest and I continue to be impressed at what a great resource it is. If I need any ideas or inspiration then it is nearly always my first port of call. My Pinterest boards are a personal collection of inspiration that I refer to more and more. I am a bit shocked when I realise that I am nearly 2000 pins already and rising fast.
Over the last 6 months my Pinterest boards have seen the views rapidly increase and its a great feeling to think others like my collections of image, materials and colours. If I connect with a new supplier or start following a new source of inspiration then I always try to follow them on Pinterest. It is also a fantastic tool to share new ideas with clients and exchange ideas about new projects.
I thought it would be a useful exercise to share some of my favourite pins from the last few months… It really is a window into what I like right now and where my thought process is at.
I hope you find some pins that you like and feel like sharing, just have I done. So here are my more recent Pinterest picks.
All my boards are here.

I have done my very best to name the source for each of the images that I have pinned.

The World of Rugs.

The World of Rugs is HUGE! Flooring coverings come in so many different forms and rugs are a very versatile option. There are a huge variety of options when considering material, texture, size, patterns and budget. Rugs give you the opportunity to introduce colour and pattern into a space but it is also very important to remember the functional purpose of the rug too. There are the more obvious benefits of comfort and warmth but they also provide good sound deadening properties and help to zone or define spaces.

Rugs give you the opportunity to make a bold statement within a space that can be taken away with you when you move on. It is also worth remembering that rugs don’t only have to sit on the floor. It can be very effective to hang rugs on the wall in the same way as more traditional artwork. There is also no reason why they could also not go on the ceiling!

Below are a selection of inspirational ways to use rugs plus my pick of rugs on the market from retailers such as Graham and GreenJohn LewisRockett St George and West Elm. For more ideas please check my Pinterest board and I hope you enjoy exploring the World of Rugs!

Doors…As simple as that!

Doors….I was trying to think about what text to put with this post but could not think of much to say! All I can say is that here are a selection of stunning doors, whether they be old or new, interior or exterior or upcycled that grab my attention because I love them. They are an obvious design statement for the front of your home or room so choose carefully but also think of other uses for the old ones you no longer want. Some old doors are simply dripping with character and personality but new doors can also provide personality in a totally different way.

Which is your favourite …. ?

More lovely doors can be seen here


We had a lovely day in Brighton and I took my camera with me. Although my pictures are not anything special I picked out 12 that summed up our day out and caught my eye. There is so much inspiration everywhere you look in Brighton and these are the pictures that survived the cut!

We found a place to eat, called The New Club which served tasty food, looked amazing and had sea views…. Kind of perfect really. There was also some time to stroll the Lanes and discover shops that we knew nothing about and revisit some old favourites. I found myself snapping small details of materials, products or textures that perhaps one day I will use on future projects.

The day finished by popping round to Oliver Heath’s house for a tour of his eco home and then a chat and nice coffee afterwards. He was engaging, interesting and generous with his time….Thanks Oliver!

Needless to say, I would suggest that Brighton is worth a visit sometime soon


Yellow is a colour that is really grabbing my attention. Maybe it is because we are approaching autumn and the colour is a perfect fit for this time of the year, I am not sure. We are about to install a yellow painted floor into the home office but there are so many other ways to use it. Whether its on the floor ,wall, ceiling or with furniture, you can bring as much of the colour as you want in. I think that one of the great benefits of using such a strong colour is that you can also use it in a neutral room as a pop of colour or really go for it as a scheme. So many retailers provide the opportunity to find accessories to bring yellow into a room at the moment, just take a look at Marks and SpencersBHS HomeHomebaseJohn Lewis, and Ikea to start with.

I have put together some products and images that I find inspirational plus there are many more images on my Pinterest board.  It would have been very easy to keep adding lots more images to this post but I did my best to limited myself and I will let you know how the yellow office floor turns out!

Picture Walls.

Here are some of my ideas of how to hang your favourite pictures and photographs on the wall and create stunning picture walls. There are endless ways to display your artwork but here are a few images that caught my eye. There are a couple of things that I hope to use in the near future. Firstly, picture rails seem to make great sense to me so how come we don’t see a modern version of them? They give you great flexibility and mean changing your artwork is easy and your walls stay unmarked. Secondly, old style polaroids still look great and its possible to get your digital prints made up to look like polariods so why not do it!

So I don’t want all our family pictures stuck on the hard drive, its time to get them printed up and hung on the wall and make some great picture walls.


More ideas can be seen on my Pinterest board

Light Up.

Lighting has always been a passion of mine, I think it’s the mix of function and design so it was time to do a “light up” post!  The science behind a good lighting scheme will always be there and is hard to argue with however whats catching my eye at the moment is industrial style lighting. It was probably born out of the increased interest of mixing old with new that has led to there being so many industrial style lighting products on the market.

Its now very possible to build your own bespoke light where you select the colour of the cable, lighting fitting and shade by visiting Nook, Rocket St George, or Nuvarti to name just a few. The range of lights with an old or industrial feel is very strong and I have picked out a few below that I am drawn too plus a couple of stunning light bulbs that look great on their own.

More light up inspiration can be found on my Pinterest board.


The Rebel Walls New Collection.

It is a real honour when somebody asks you to give an opinion on a new product or range and this is exactly what happened with the guys from Rebel Walls. I have been aware of Irene and Christofer and their company Rebel Walls for a few months having seen their Frontage wall mural installed on a recent project with great success. The mural elevated the space to something much stronger once it was installed. The new Greenhouse Collection is their latest offering and I was very interested to see what was in the new collection and how I might be able to use it on future projects. This new collection is inspired by the “power and diversity of nature” and I have to say that there are some fantastic wall murals to choose from. The use of bold graphic designs instantly can make a statement and create a point of interest in a residential or commercial setting.

I am personally drawn to a mix of natural and manmade materials and found there were some designs within the Greenhouse Collection that caught my eye and which I wanted to highlight. Below you will find my favourites from the collection but I would recommend that you check out their 3 ranges as I am sure there is something for most people. The website is full of inspiration plus there is a handy section on how to hang a wall mural on the Rebel Walls website here

Have fun exploring the world of wall murals!





Rotting Car.

I have managed to walk past this old rotting car for over 12 years and have never really noticed it at all. Today, I was finally able to look over it properly and grab a brief 5 minutes to photograph it. How much longer it will be there for before it completely rots away or is moved on is anybody guess. But I am really pleased that I managed to get a few pictures before the opportunity is gone. The amount of character and texture both inside and out is amazing and I just hope these pictures get some of that across. There can be real beauty in decay and hopefully this rotting car shows that in some way.

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Clock This.

Clock this! Here is a quick list of 10 clocks that I think look good …..

Click on each image to find out where to get the each clock from.